How to free unlock iPhone safely with iPhone Unlock software

Unlock iPhone safely with iPhone unlock/hack/activate software * Easy-to-handle and one-click solution.
* Automatically unlock the iPhone.
* Use your iPhone without signing up ATT’s two year contract.
* Activate iPhone in seconds.
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Unlock iPhone safely with iPhone unlock/hack/activate software * All-in-One iPhone ringtone converter, editor, creator software.
* Convert WAV, OGG, MP3 to iPhone Ringtone.
* Apply special effects.
* Make custom ringtone for iPhone within 30 seconds.
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Want to hack iphone activate without att and avoid signing its two year contract? You come to the right place! Without using the complicated ‘iPhone unlock codes’, you can unlock iPhone with only ONE hit.

The iPhone unlock Toolkit software is very safe, fast and easy-to-handle. Just click on the ‘Unlock iPhone’ button, the process will be completed AUTOMATICALLY within a few seconds. Now, you own a unlocked iPhone, which can enable you playback movies and music (the best widescreen iPod) and use the browser (Wi-Fi). SIM-card phone unlocking function will be added in next week or so.

Unlock iPhone safely with iPhone unlock/hack/activate software

License: 100% FREE;
Requirements: iTunes (You have to use this version to unlock your iPhone. You can upgrade to any new versions after that), iPhone 8GB or 4GB model;
OS: Windows or Mac OS X;
Download Windows version Mac version is coming soon>>

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Other ways for unlocking iPhone

1. Completely hack/unlock iPhone using Turbo SIM Card (80$ for blank SIM): Link

2. iPhone unlocked for European use (a Sim reader/writer, a SilverCard smart card and a V1Comp SIM needed):

3. Using an old Cingular SIM in the iPhone and Made it Work on Mac:

iPhone Unlock FAQs

Q: Hi, if the “Phone” part of the Iphone will be unlocked, so it can be used with a different carrier… I’m with Rogers in Canada; before I open up the Iphone box I got out of sheer excitement, I want to make sure it will work with Rogers. Thanks for letting me know. — Frank
A: At present, our iPhone unlocking software doesn’t support activating the phone. But the iPhone SIM card unlock software is under developping and will be released a little later.

Q: Hello, I downloaded your program and tried to unlock my phone but I get the following:
Check iTunes version ( Failed
The phone is new. My computer is an HP 6000 series, running Windows Vista.
I really don’t need another phone account at this time all I want this device to do is playback music and use the browser sometimes.
When I purchased it I had no idea that as it is, without AT&T it is pretty much worthless.
Any ideas on how to proceed?
A: Sorry for the inconvenience. Please activate your iPhone with iTunes version. After hacking, you can update your iTunes to the latest version if you like.

Q: Hi, when i tried to unlock it by pressing the unlock iphone button it would say unlocking falied. What could this mean and do I go about it fix it so the phone could be unlocked? Email me back As soon as possible. Thanks. —Luca
A: Just download iTunes to unlock the iPhone. Our software does NOT work on other iTunes versions.

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