How to burn video to DVD to play on Car DVD Player

More and more Car build-in DVD player. It would be joyfully to enjoy funny video like YouTube, Music Video, TV shows, Movie, etc on your Car DVD player or Portable DVD player during a long waiting or travelling. And this step by step guide will show you how to convert video to DVD format and burn the movie to DVD for Car DVD player. But please remember, safe drive is the most important thing.

Play movie on Car DVD Player

First, you need to know DVD format is VOB, you have to convert your movie to DVD format and finalize the DVD at first, or else your Car DVD player can’t recognize the Disc and play the movie DVD. So you need a DVD burning program to help you do the job. I have tried many software (freeware and shareware) and recommend this DVD Creator to you (Also named as ConvertXtoDVD). It’s very easy to use and the burnt DVD play pretty well on all my three Cars DVD player.

If you want to know how to burn a playable music disc for Car stereo player, please refer to this detail tutorial.

Step1. Download and install the DVD Creator, run it, find the video clips or movies on your computer that you want to burn to DVD and drag and drop them into the DVD Creator. If you import several video files, you can organize the order by click ‘move down’ or ‘move up’ on the Source panle.

Burn movie to DVD to play on Car

You can also click ‘File -> Add video file’ to import the video.

Add videos to DVD Creator

1. This DVD Creator build-in a simple video editor, it can help you trim, crop video and add subtitle into the movie, if you need details, please refer to this step by step tutorial.

2. This DVD Creator can also help you make a slideshow and burn it to DVD to play on your Car DVD player. By drag and drop your photos and music into the DVD creator, add some special effects to the slideshow.

3. This DVD Creator build-in many cool DVD menu templates, you can use anyone or customize it with your personal style, changing background pictures and add background song.

DVD Menus

Step2. When all things done. Click ‘Preview’ to lunch the play panel. You can preview the movie DVD or go back to keep editing the DVD.

Step3. Insert a blank DVD disc into your DVD Burner Drive . This DVD Creator will automatically detect your computer DVD Burner. You can rename the DVD label or export your project file as ISO image file to save on your computer hard drive. Click ‘Convert’ to star burning the movie to DVD. That’s all. It couldn’t be easier to burn movie to DVD to play on Car DVD player like that. As long as your DVD burner supports dual-layer DVD, you can use this DVD Creator to burn HD video to dual-layer DVD.

Burn movies for Car

If you are Mac user, you can use this DVD Creator for Mac. The operation steps are the same, I’m not repeat here.

Free Download DVD Creator for Car DVD player
Download DVD Creator for Car DVD player for Windows
Download DVD Creator for Car DVD player for Mac

Learn more features about DVD Creator for Car DVD player by visiting here

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