How to upload DVD video to YouTube

Ask: I have some personal videos save on DVD, how can I get the video from DVD to computer hard drive and upload it to YouTube?

Answer: YouTube supports FLV video; you need a DVD Ripper to rip the video from DVD to your computer in FLV video format. And then you can log in your YouTube account and upload the FLV video. If you need details, this step by step guide will show you how to rip DVD to computer and convert DVD to FLV video. It’s easy to follow even you are computer newbie.

YouTube FLV Video

Step1. Download and install DVD to YouTube FLV Converter, run it, click “Load DVD” to import your DVD video, it provides four ways to load DVD
1. Load from DVD-Rom.
2. Load DVD folder: if you have backup your DVD on your computer, it should appears like “Video_TS” “Audio_TS” folders. You can import the DVD video through this way.
3. Load ISO image files: If you download DVD ISO image from website. you can amount the DVD ISO files in the daemon tools at first, and then load the DVD movie from the virtual DVD drive.
4. Load IFO Files: Import your DVD video by loading IFO files.

DVD to YouTube FLV Converter

Step2. Select YouTube video output format:
Click the profile dropdown list, go to ‘Online Video – YouTube Video HD’ and select it. You can also use it toconvert yoru DVD to Facebook video and Yahoo video.

Convert DVD to YouTube FLV Video

Step3. Trim DVD video
If you want to upload certain video clips from the DVD instead of the whold DVD video. Click Setting to open the Edit Panel. Go to the Trim tab to set the ripping process start time and end time.

Trim DVD Video

Step4. After the above steps, click “Start” to start converting DVD to YouTube FLV video. This DVD to YouTube Converter is not only a DVD converter, but also an easy to use DVD Editor, if you want to know more about how to use it to edit DVD, you can refer to this Edit DVD guide.

Step5. Once the conversion is finished, go to and log in your account. Click the Upload link at the top of YouTube page and browse the converted YouTube flv video, select the video and click open to start the upload. That’s all. It couldn’t be easier to upload your DVD video to YouTube.

Free Download DVD to YouTube FLV Converter
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