How to burn Songs Photo Data Video to DVD CD Bly-ray

This guide is mainly about how to burn Music Songs, Photos or Pictures, Data Files or ISO Image, Video and Movies to DVD, CD and Blu-ray Disc. With this guide, you can create Audio CD, backup Data disc, burn movie to DVD or CD to play on home DVD player, even make Boot Discs for software, games and system install. This guide is easy to understand, even you are a computer Noob, you can handle with the job, now let’s start it

  • What you need:
  • A Windows Computer with DVD burner
  • AVS Disc Crator (I have tired many dvd burning software, and this is the best one I have ever tried, it’s much better than Nero, I’m sure you will like it. It’s safe and clean without any viruses and spyware, so don’t worry to use it. If you want to learn more about AVS Disc Creator, you can visit this AVS Disc Creator Official website.)
  • A blank DVD, CD or Blu-ray disc, the disc creator supports all DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, DVD-RAM, Double/Dual Layer DVD.

AVS Disc Creator Screenshot

This step by step guide will including three parts, index as follow:
1. How to burn music and songs to CD or DVD, make palyabck Audio Disk
2. How to burn ISO, Photos, Data, Software, Movies files to DVD for backup
3. How to make copies of CD DVD and Blu-ray with only one DVD burner drive

How to burn Music and Songs to DVD CD and Blu-ray

The Create Audio CD task is used to write audio files in .cda format to CD. After you install the software, run it and click “Audio” to lunch the Audio Burning Engine.

Burn songs and audio to CD

Step 1. First you should load audio files to the application clicking the Add Files button. You can import files in any format, so they will be converted to .cda before disc burning.

Step2. In the dropdown list at the top you can select the disc drive you need.

Step3. To proceed to the final step, you should press the Start burning! button. If the disc you inserted contains some data, the program will offer you to erase it. If the disc is empty, the imported audio files will be directly converted to .cda format and written to the disc you inserted.

How to burn Photos, Data, Software, Movies files to DVD or CD

If you want to burn data files to DVD or CD for backup, or burn boot disc for software and system installation. click toolbar “Data” to run the data burning engine. Before you start burning your discs you should compile a list of all the files you would like to record onto your disc.

burn data and iso to DVD

You can also drag the files and folders from the standard Windows Explorer and drop them to the Files List Area.

Before you start burning you might want to view and if needed change the additional settings. To do that you will need to click the Settings button in the Bottom Toolbar

DVD Burning Setting

In case you are going to record DVD/Blu-Ray-video the Finalize disc setting will be enabled and no change of this setting will be possible. That is done to ensure compatibility with the hardware DVD players. The Joliet structure also cannot be used, as DVD/Blu-ray video discs use only UDF file structure. That’s why the whole section is disabled and the UDF option is checked by default. After all things done, click OK to start the burning process.

How to make copies of CD DVD and blu-ray

If you want to make copies of CD, DVD or Blu-ray, you can click “Copy” to luch the copying engine. No data will be changed and no video will be compressed on the target disc as compared to the source disc.

Make copies of DVD CD and Blu-ray

If your computer has two DVD Drives, you can select different drives as input and output, the Copy on the Fly option will become available. By checking it you’ll be able to make a copy of a disc directly, without first saving the source on an intermediate medium (hard disk drive).

If you clone a CD/DVD/BD having only one disc drive, a temporary image on your computer HDD will be created to let you record the resulting disc using the same disc drive. In this case please make sure that you have enough free hard drive disk space available for the created temporary disc image. Its size could be up to almost 5 gigabytes for a DVD

After you select all the settings click the Start copying! button to start the copying process.

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