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We review all DVD to iPod Video Converters, choose the best one for you, enjoy our review!

Overall Rating Review Price Purchase Download Effectiveness Customer Service Ease of Use
DVD to iPod Review
Top Rated
Review $39.95 GoTo Free download cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter DVD to iPod Review DVD to iPod Review DVD to iPod Review
DVD to iPod Review
Most Popular
Review $29 – $45 GoTo Free download Avex DVD to iPod Converter DVD to iPod Review DVD to iPod Review DVD to iPod Review
DVD to iPod Review
Review $29 – $39 GoTo Free download PQ DVD to iPod Converter DVD to iPod Review DVD to iPod Review DVD to iPod Review
DVD to iPod Review
Review $39 GoTo Free download Aimersoft DVD to iPod Converter DVD to iPod Review DVD to iPod Review DVD to iPod Review
DVD to iPod Review
Review $39 GoTo Free download iSkysoft DVD to iPod for Mac DVD to iPod Review DVD to iPod Review DVD to iPod Review
DVD to iPod Review
Review $29 GoTo Free download Mac DVD to iPod Converter DVD to iPod Review DVD to iPod Review DVD to iPod Review

Why you need DVD and Video to iPod Converter and How to choose one?

As we know, iPod supports only MP4 and H.264 video, and DVD is MPEG-2 video, if your video is not compatible with iPod, you can not import it into iTunes library, so you can not sync the video to your iPod, that’s why you need DVD and Video to iPod Converter.

You’ve probably thought about converting your DVD collection to play on your iPod. A quick search on Google reveals hundreds of these downloadable “DVD to iPod” converters. But how do you know which one to use? Our intrepid editors spent a full month testing and reviewing dozens of software to find the right answer.

To test each product, we converted newly released DVDs and TV shows to play on the iPod. This allowed us to easily see if the software created a quality DVD to iPod Converter. We tried new released movies such as Iron Man, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and tv shows such as Heros, Prison Break and HBO’s Entourage.

It seems the greater majority of “DVD to iPod” conversion software simply does not work as promised. In almost all cases they had slow conversion speeds, were difficult to operate, and gave an end product where the audio did not line up with the video!

Another finding of ours was even more disturbing. During our testing we downloaded many different products. It wasn’t long before we noticed our computers were not running as smoothly as they used to. It seems some of these manufacture’s were including data mining spyware with the software! First they sell you a poor performing product, and then they steal your personal information to sell to advertisers. Maybe for them that’s business, but for us, it ’s a huge violation of privacy.

Fortunately, we were able to find a few products that stood out above all the rest. To begin with, these products did not come with any spyware to steal your personal information. Second, no matter which DVDs we converted, we got a perfect copy to play on the iPod. Each of these proved to work faster with better quality than any of the competition. If you want to convert DVDs to your iPod, without getting ripped off, use one of these services.

Top Rated DVD to iPod Converter Software

The Cucusoft DVD iPod converter was the number one product we tested. When testing this ourselves, the software was much faster than any of the competition. We kept this one personally and had our entire DVD collection ready to view on the iPod within a few hours. When playing the converted DVDs they ran excellent…just as smooth as using any real DVD player. The graphics looked and sounded perfect as well…no choppy pixels, and no misaligned audio, it was just like being at home. Operating the software was very easy, it only took 3 clicks of the mouse to get started. …We really liked how the software automatically finds the start of the DVD and cuts out the previews. (With other software you have to do this manually.) Customer service was also very good; with each email sent we got a prompt detailed reply from a friendly representative.

This is our number one choice. For quality, speed, and customer service Cucusoft toped them all. If you don’t know which one to buy, get this one, you won’t be disappointed. The Cucusoft converter works for all sereis of iPod incluing iPod Nano, iPod Classic, and the new iPod Touch.

  • Support almost any kinds of DVD format (even copyright protected DVD) to iPod
  • Support AVI, WMV, MPEG, MOV, DivX, XviD, RM, RMVB, dvr-ms, MP4, TiVo, YouTube, Real Player, Limewire, Torrent Movie, .MKV etc. to iPod MP4 video format

Free Download Cucusoft DVD to iPod

The Most Popular DVD to iPod Video Converter

This was another winner for iPod to DVD transfers. Just like Cucusoft, these guys also had excellent transfer times… Total time to convert a DVD was about half an hour… not quite as fast as Cucusoft, but still not bad. The user interface was clean and easy to use, it took 3 clicks to start the conversion process. The movie quality was good as well, everything played very smoothly.

Overall this is another great choice for DVD to iPod transferring…They’re not our first choice only because Cucusoft’s software was a little faster.

  • Support H.264(High quality) and MPEG4 video in MP4 format used in Apple iPod
  • Fully optimized for Dual-Core, HyperThread Processors, SSE2/SSE/MMX/3DNow!

This suite including two iPod Converters – Avex DVD to iPod Converter and Avex iPod Video Converter, so you can convert DVD and all popular video to iPod Compatible video with it.

Free Download Avex DVD to ipod

Hot DVD to iPod Video Converter Software

PQ DVD software provides easy–to–use conversion software. It is also easy navigate and the all–in–one layout allows you to convert DVDs and videos from the same window.

Each time we tested its output quality, PQ DVD converted video and DVD files with impeccable quality. The video and audio were in sync every time, the picture was clear and the colors were bright and vivid. The speed of conversion was a little quicker for video files than for DVDs in the drive, but both were considerably quicker than the time it would take to actually watch the entire home movie.

  • Compatible with iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod nano 4G/8G, TV-Out on all models
  • Dolby, DTS Surround audio support
  • Exact video clip Conversion, easy video crop and aspect ratio adjustment

PQ DVD is terrific. It’s only drawback is its speed—which is still impressive—but it isn’t the fastest software we tested. Overall, PQ DVD is the best DVD and video iPod conversion software we could find. It has a great, easy–to–use set of features and it converts DVD and video files perfectly. In addition, PQ’s all–in–one layout provides a convenience that should be adopted by all its competitors.

Free download PQ DVD to iPod

Aimersoft DVD to iPod Video Converter Suite

Aimersoft allows you to select the output dimensions, video quality and file size. You can convert DVDs by title and select the conversion start and stop time. When conversion is complete, you can instruct the computer to shutdown, open the output folder or load the video files to your iPod. You can also choose the output folder so you can easily locate your video files when you are ready to load them onto your iPod. It includes two nice iPod converters, help you convert copyright DVD and all video including youtube video to iPod compatible video. It bulid-in an iPod transfer that can help you sync video to iPod directly without iTunes, this tool is useful when your iTunes cant not detect your iPod, or lost your iTunes library, you can use it to copy music and video from your iPod to PC.

  • Build-in iPod transfer that can help you transfer video between iPod and PC
  • It provides rich video edit function, help you trim, crop, edit video easily.

Summary: Aimersoft has an excellent DVD to iPod conversion program. The conversion speed is fast and you can customize the video and audio output. It’s more than an iPod converter, it’s an nice DVD and video editor.

Free Download Aimersoft DVD to iPod

iSkysoft DVD to iPod Video Converter for Mac

We weren’t able to do as extensive comparisons on this converter as we could on the PC ones. There just aren’t as many Mac converters available. But of the half dozen we did find, the Iskysoft converter had the quickest conversion speeds, cleanest user interface, and noticeably better image and sound quality. Ease of use was about the same for all of them, they all took around 3 clicks to choose the DVD file and push the convert button.

Overall this a converter that does a good job of getting DVDs on the iPod for Mac users. You’ll have no regrets with this purchase.

  • Designed for Mac OS, supports Intel Mac and Power PC Mac
  • Convert protected DVD movie and TV Shows to iPod on Mac easily

iSkysoft including two excellent iPod Converters, help you convert DVD, VOB, IFO, AVI, XviD, WMV (Windows Media Player Video), MPEG (limewire), MPG, FLV (Youtube), DAT (VCD), RM, RMVB (RealPlayer), MOV (QuickTime), ASF, MKV etc. to iPod Compatible video MP4 and audio MP3, AAC, M4A.

Free download Mac iSkysoft DVD to iPod


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