How to download youtube video straight on iPod & iPhone

As we all know, you can watch YouTube video on iPod touch and iPhone easily when you have internet connection. But for sometimes, there is no internet connection, and you want to watch the YouTube video smoothly offline or show them to your friends. And here is a step by step guide will teach you how to download and save the HD quality YouTube video on your iPod touch or iPhone for free, and then you can use them easily next time.

The Apps you need calls MxTube from Cydia. For using MxTube, you have to jailbreak your iPod touch or iPhone at first. And here is a step by step guide will teach you how to jailbreak iPod Touch for free and safe.

Step1. Open Cydia and select Featured Packages.

Jailbreak iPod Cydia

Step2. Now scroll down till you see MxTube and go select that.

Save YouTube video

Step3. Install MxTube.

Install MxTube

Once done, exit Cydia and launch MxTube.

Lunch MxTube

Step4. Click Search to begin looking for videos to download.

Step5. Select your video and click Download. You can choose Stream if you just want to view the video.

Start Download

Step6. Now select the Download option. I always choose High (WiFi).

download youtube video

MxTube supports batch downloading process. While the video is downloading, you can start searching for more videos to queue them up. MxTube will continue the download process in the background so you can do other things but make sure you stay internet connected.

Save YouTube video on iPod and iPhone

Step7. When done, go to Videos to view your downloaded YouTube videos.

Watch YouTube video on iPod

That’s it! You need to launch MxTube to view your videos. It will not go to your iPod’s default video location.

If you wish to transfer the YouTube video from iPod to your PC, You can follow this step by step guide to transfer iPod Music and Video to PC and iTunes. The files are already in .mp4 format.

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