How to burn free torrent Movie & TV Shows to DVD

If you are looking for free movie, video or tv shows, torrent is the best way to get them, it’s totally free without any viruses. This article will teach you how to download free torrent Movie, Video and TV Shows and burn them to DVD so that you can play them on your home DVD player.
This article contains two parts:
1. How to download free Torrent Movie, Video or TV show?
2. How to Burn the downloaded movies to DVD?

What’s you’ll need:

• A Windows PC (with DVD Burner and internet connection)
• BitTorrent Client (I used utorrent in this guide, you can download it free from here)
• DVD Burning Software (I used ConvertXtoDVD in this guide, ConvertXtoDVD is the best DVD Burning Software I have ever tried, it is featured as the N0.1 DVD burner by this side by side DVD burning software review, you can learn more information about it by visiting its official website)

How to download free torrent movie and video

Step1. Download and install the BitTorrent Client, BitTorrent client is a program that will enable you to connect to other users and thereby download the files you want to.

Step2. Find a movie torrent. Now that you have a BitTorrent client installed, you’ll want to find torrents you like and download them. For that you have to visit a BitTorrent directory or use a BitTorrent search engine like Torrentz. For example, open in your browser and type the keyword to search for anything (twilight for instance). If you see something you like in the reture list, follow the link and download the .torrent file to your computer.

Download free torrent movie

Tips: Choose the more peers download link, the download speed would be faster.

Step3. Once you downloaded the torrent file, double-click it and it will open and start downloading in your BitTorrent client. uTorrent will ask you to specify a location to save the file. That’s all. Then wait for the download process finish.

How to burn downloaded torrent movie to DVD

Step1. Download and install convertxtodvd ( you can free download it directly from here, about 17MB ), and then run it. The software supports many different languages including English, Finnish, Dutch, French, German, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Spanish etc. You can select your native lauguage by clicking “Settings -> Lauguage”.

Step2. Load your downloaded torrent movie files into convertxtodvd by clicking “File -> Add video file”. You can add several video clips at one time, ConvertXtoDVD will join and burn the video clips into one movie file.

Load Torrne Movie into ConvertXtoDVD

Menu: You can customize background image, set title font and items font, Change the title name from “My DVD” to what you like, etc. From “Video Preview” window, you will immediately see the effects you are setting.

Add Menu and subtitle

Add subtitles: You can add separate subtitles in your DVD video, right-click “subtitle (0 stream)” and choose “Add Subtitle channel”. The program supports STR subtitles and SUB & IDX combination. If you can not add subtitles successfully, please check whether your subtitle file and your video file are in the same folder and give them the exact same name keeping only the extension. For example, in “My movies” folder, there is cartoon.avi and

Add chapters: You can also add custom chapter point by right-clicking “Chapter (0 entry)” and select “Add chapter”.

Change Menu text: Double-click “Menu text” to rename.

Step3. Click “Convert” button to start the conversion to build a playable DVD-format video.

Step4. You need to use the “Burn result to DVD” option to burn the converted movie to DVD, or burn it manually. Select “Action -> Burn an already converted project”, choose the VIDEO_TS folder in your working directory. Insert a blank DVD+R(W) or DVD-R(W) in your drive and the burning process should be start automatically in 15 seconds.

Burn torrent movie to DVD

Done! Just so easy to burn the downloaded torrent movie to DVD!

 DVD Burning Software – ConvertXtoDVD
 Download ConvertXtoDVD for Windows  Download DVD Burner for Mac

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