Tunebite First Review

Create copies of copy-protected music, audio book and video files

Playing videos and music videos on video-enabled mobile devices is one of today’s hottest trends. Unfortunately, most video players on the market are limited to specific formats. Not every video player can play the protected M4V video format from Apple iTunes or the WMV format from video-on-demand services.

Tunebite Platinum legally converts DRM-protected videos into unprotected videos for private use by recording them as they are playing. Tunebite Platinum +MPEG4 also comes with a 3ivx encoder for Windows Media Player and for Quicktime.

Anyone with a mobile phone, PDA, Apple iPod or other video-enabled mobile multimedia player can use Tunebite Platinum +MPEG4 to quickly convert copy-protected videos, or online videos with erotic content, into the unprotected standard format MPEG4 (WMV/MP4), and play them on almost any mobile device without problem.

Tunebite Key Features

Tunebite Platinum FunctionsPlatinumPremium
Recording of copy-protected audio, music and audio book filesYesYes
High-Speed Digital Dubbing at turbo speed (speed is processor dependant)YesYes
Recognition of audio files that have already been processedYesYes
Listening to a file while recording anotherYesYes
Background operabilityYesYes
Automatic configuration of recording level and device for analog copiesYesYes
Recording level display with oscilloscope monitorYesYes
Normalization of music recordings for uniform volumeYesYes
Automatic population of ID3 tags, album cover artwork and lyricsYesYes
CD burning function for audio and MP3 CDsYesYes
Extended file folder administration by artist and albumYesYes
Synchronization with MP3 players, Apple iPods, PDAs and cell phonesYesYes
Cell phone ring tone generatorYesYes
Recording of copy-protected video filesYesNo
Automatic configuration of video recording parametersYesNo
Preservation of A/V synchronization during CPU load peaksYesNo
Video encoder for MPEG4, enhanceable with 3ivx encodersYesNo

If you don’t have a video encoder, you can use Tunebite Platinum’s WMV output format for the conversion of copy-protected videos. If you want to create MPEG4 files, however, you’ll need a 3ivx video encoder. The 3ivx encoder supported by Tunebite is already in wide use. If you already have a 3ivx encoder, Tunebite Platinum can use it instead. Our no-hassle tip: Purchase Tunebite and 3ivx together.

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