Where to download free songs and videos for iPod iPhone iPad

Limewire is a popular free music and video download program, but for some reasons, it’s closed now. I have found and tried many Limewire alternatives, and strongly recommend Frostwire. It’s similar with Limewire,free and safe without spyware and adware. It uses both the Gnutella and BitTorrent protocols to download content. And this step by step guide will show you how to use Frostwire to download free music and videofor your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mobile Phone, MP4/MP3 player, etc. It’s easy to understand, even you are computer newbie can handle with it.

Download Free Music and Video

Step1. Download Frostwire, double click the Frostwire installer, it requires Java running, if you already install Java, go next. The installation is simple; it will help you set the file downloaded folder.

Set Frostwire Save folder

Step2. Once you finish the installation, lunch it. I took ‘download free music’ as example at first. On the left-up corner of the main UI, click ‘Audio’ below the ‘Select Search Type’. Type the keyword on the search box, such as ‘Lady Gaga Judas’, and then click Enter.

Step3. Frostwire will search the internet automatically and return the download results. Find the song you want to download and double click it. Frostwire build-in an audio player on the right-down corner, you can preview the song before you download it. Moreover, Frostwire support batch download, you can keep on search for some other songs and download them at a time.

Download Free Music

Step4. After you finish the music download, Frostwire will return a small hint window, you can click ‘Show in library’ to locate the downloaded song on your hard drive. The default save folder is C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\FrostWire\Saved
Now that you successfully download the music, it couldn’t be easier!

Download Music successfully

If you want to sync the free songs to your iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. Follow these steps.
Step1. Located your downloaded songs on your computer hard drive, most downloaded songs are mp3 format. You can drag and drop them into your iTunes library. Or click iTunes menu ‘File -> Add files to library

Sync frostwire songs to iPod

Step2. Connect your iPod to computer through USB cable, iTunes will detect iPod automatically. If you set your iTunes to ‘manually manage music and video’, you can drag and drop the song to iPod directly. Otherwise, click on your iPod’s name in the left panel of iTunes and press ‘Sync’, that’s all.

You can also use Frostwire to download free videos and movies. In the step 2 above, click ‘video’ below the ‘Select Search Type’. And then type the movie or video name you want to download. The other steps are similar with downloading music; I’m not repeating it here.

After you download the video to computer, you can import the video into iTunes and sync it to your Apple player. But if the video is not mp4 video, you need to convert it to iPod compatible mp4 video at first. You can use this video converter to do the job.

Step1. Download and install the video converter, lunch it. Locate the downloaded video on your computer. And then drag and drop them into the video converter.

Convert Videos to iPod

Step2. Hit the device image button to set the output format. If you don’t know what formats your device supports, you can select the format according to your device name.

Selet Output Video Formats

Step3. Click ‘start’ to run the conversion. If you want to edit the downloaded video on Windows Movie Maker, you can convert the video to wmv video. Enjoy my guide 🙂

Free Download Video Converter
Download Video Converter for Windows
Download Video Converter for Mac

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