How to capture video from DV & Camera to Computer or DVD

Capturing process is really very easy. You will need to connect your DV camera to your personal computer using FireWire (IEEE 1394) or USB cable, depending on what is supported by your computer and your camera. After that you can launch the AVS DV to DVD program.

It will be opened with the following window:

Capture video from DV Camera

Here you can set the following parameters:

  • Select miniDV camera – use this option to select the camera you need from the drop-down list if you have several of them connected to your personal computer.
  • Select capture mode – use this option to set the mode, used to capture your video. Two modes are to select from – Capture the entire tape automatically and Capture parts of the tape manually. The first is used to copy the entire tape and the second should be used if you will need to select what to capture and what to skip.
  • Select temporary directory – use this option to set the directory on your computer hard disk drive where the temporary files will be stored.

Note: you will need quite a lot of free space – up to several dozens of Gigabytes – to store captured video. The temporary files will be deleted once the program is closed.

You can also use the information displayed to see if the capturing process goes smoothly:

Capturing information:

  • Time (hours:minutes:seconds) – the length of the captured video.
  • File size (Megabytes) – the size of the captured video on your computer hard disk drive.
  • CPU Usage (percent) – the current processor load.

Summary information:

  • Time (hours:minutes:seconds) – the total length of all the captured video files.
  • Size (Megabytes) – the total size of all the captured video on your computer hard disk drive.
  • Files count – the number of files that have been captured.

You will also be able to see the free space on the hard drive partition used to store temporary files. To start capturing video, set the parameters above and press the Start Capture button. To stop the capturing process click the Stop Capture button.

After capturing the video it might be useful to create DVD menu for it. To do that click the Create DVD Menubutton of the Main Panes. The program will change view:

Create DVD Menu

You can also Change background or even Customize your DVD menu using the respective buttons.

In the right part of the program window the DVD Chapters area is placed. It lets you select the episodes that will be used as chapters in your movie:

DVD Chapters

To add chapters, please click with the mouse cursor within the Timeline area in the place, where you want the chapter to begin. After that use the Add button to create a chapter. The same way all the other chapters are created. You can delete the unwanted chapters using the Remove button or all the chapters using theClear button.

It sometimes might be necessary to split one video file into several parts or, quite the other way round, save several separate captured files as a single one. To do that you should do the following:

  • Capture video with AVS DV to DVD in the Capture mode.
  • Select the unnecessary scenes to be cut out in the Preview Video work modes. Mark them for deletion using the Deletion Toolbar.
  • Use the Player Buttons in the Preview Video mode to make sure that you marked the right scenes for deletion.
  • If necessary Create DVD Menu in the appropriate mode.
  • When all the preparations are made, click the Save Now! button to start processing of the file. The following window will open:

Burn video to DVD

Here you can select the output file Name, destination Path and video Format.

  • If you plan to split the file into several parts, select the Save all sections into separate files option. All the episodes present between the areas of deletion will be saved as separate files having the same name as has been selected but with the ordinal notation added (1, 2, 3 and so on) after the selected file name.
  • If you plan to merge several files into one or if you do not plan to split the single file into separate parts, select the Save all sections into a single file option. All the sections of the single file together with all the video files in the file list will be joined into one single file.

The Burn movie to disc after processing option is also available. If you mark it, AVS DV to DVD will record the resulting files onto an optical disc using the internal burn engine. After that you will need to press theStart button and will see the deletion progress on the progress bar. It will take some time depending on the file length and your computer configuration.

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